Rina Nagasaki upcoming photobook

March 31, 2007

Rina Nagasaki 長崎莉奈
This 19 year old Tokyo girl has released 7 DVDs, 2 Photobooks and appeared in one movie. We’ll expect to see her more..

Upcoming photobook – LOVER DACKY / ラバーダッキー

On YouTube:
Sabra 56


3 Responses to “Rina Nagasaki upcoming photobook”

  1. Guchi Says:

    She’s been around a little longer than that.
    Her debut was at the beginning of 2005, and her first DVD (Rinacci #1) was released 2005.02.25

    I’ve post some other clips of her in the past.

    Idol ga Ippai (2005.11)

    sabra DVD 43 (2006.07)

    Flash EX DVD (2006.09)

  2. arielbar Says:


  3. J-Nudes Says:

    Rina Akiyama pics collection from PQPC:


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