So Young…

April 4, 2007

Seira Hayashi 林清羅
Date of Birth:: August 7, 1991.
Birthplace:: Saitama, Japan.
Height:: 145cm
Measurement:: B71cm W57cm H75cm
Blood Type:: B

I came to find tons of young girls U15 (Under 15yo) doing these photo-book stuffs.
Girls as young as 11 years old. I even saw a 9yo.
Is it for pure appreciation of the youthful, cuteness, sweetness or whatever ? Or beyond that…? I don’t know, it’s how you want to see it. Personally, I think these girls, some would gone anonymous, some would eventually be potential gravure idols, and some go on to something else perhaps.

One hot example of 入江紗綾 Irie Saaya (born November 15, 1993) a Japanese actress, teen idol and singer. When I saw her bikini photo shots a year ago, I can’t believe she is just 13yo back then. Shocking figure.

So, here’s the main cast :

Channel B – Seira Hayashi

If you have more source for U15 girls, please email me @


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