Reina Tanaka

April 14, 2007

Reina Tanaka
Nicknames: Takacchi, Tanakacchi, Takitty, Reina-chan
Hometown: Fukuoka (Japan)
Birth day: 11/11/1989
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Blood group: O
Height: 1.51 m
Character: Impulsive, energic and always in a good mood. She is also very quiet when she feels nervous.
Charm point: Eyes/Glance
Hobbies: Karaoke, volley-ball, e-mail, playing piano, watching concerts, writting letters with handmade frames
Specialty: Making friends laugh, making funny faces, can make friends easily

She is one of the sixth generation members of Morning Musume of Hello! Project. Her professional first name is spelled in hiragana to differ her from the Japanese actress Rena Tanaka whose name is the same in kanji because their first names can be pronounced both as “Reina” and “Rena”. Tanaka provided the main vocals for the single Shabondama – making her one of the few members of Morning Musume who was able to lead on her debut single. She was featured in a solo version of Memory Seishun no Hikari on a fan club release CD. Tanaka is the only member who auditioned twice to get in.


1. Hello Hello! , photobook with Eri Kamei and Sayumi Michishige (July 15, 2003)
2. Tanaka Reina , first solo photobook (November 11, 2004)
3. Reina , second solo photobook (October 15, 2005)
4. Shōjo R , third solo photobook (May 10, 2006)
5. Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina (February 1, 2007)

1. Alo Hello! Reina Tanaka DVD (February 14, 2007)

Her 3rd solo photobook:

Pictures Link

2 vidz on this photobook coming up:

This is some preview pics of her Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina (Latest photobook):

Thanks for Hello! Project once again! Not booting her out in her second audition and let this sweetie-pie shine in the entertainment industry! Gambatte Reina!


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  1. ton Says:

    hi I am fanclub. I like popstar to you.
    I’m Thailand.

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