Ai Fiesta!

April 17, 2007

It’s been a great week with the adorable Ai-Chan everywhere, my blog, my desktop wallpaper, my handphone wallpaper, my table-top, my wardrobe door, my mirror with pictures of her. I feel revitalize every time I see her. Her smile cheers me up. And yeah, pardon me for those who don’t idolize her.

~Yume Kara Samete~ – very nice song by her
Osaka Koi no Uta (solo) – concert performance
Ai in Karate wear – damn cute shown in this old clip

Morning Musume – Takahashi Ai – slideshow of her 1st PB
Alo Hello! Takahashi Ai – slideshow of her 2nd PB
Wataame – slideshow of her 3th PB
Ai Gokoro – slideshow of her 4th PB
19 – slideshow of her 5th PB

There’s far more video on YouTube! search them out!

Picture Album

Ai Takahashi 3rd PB – Wataame
Ai Takahashi

Love Hello! DVD

Clips of the Love Hello! DVD (Phuket, Thailand)
Tuk Tuk, Massage and Sunset
Muay Thai Boxing
Pool Side & Song
Making Of

Support Ai-Chan! Buy the DVD
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