Emi Suzuki

April 21, 2007

Suzuki Emi 鈴木えみ
Chinese Name : Wu Tsûryan
Nickname : Emichee
Birthdate : September 13, 1985 (Point of time Age: 21)
Born: Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City
Ethnicity : Japanese-Chinese
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Bust : 80 cm
Waist : 58 cm
Hips : 82 cm
Blood Type : AB
Agency : Stardust

Didn’t find any detail background info on her. If you know, tell me, okay? Yea, she’s from the same agency as my lovely Keiko and Erika. I only know she’s part of a duo group ‘Juemilia’ last time. Oh, she sings!
Tears by Emi
Juemilia – All The Things She Said – a nice pv but i don’t like that song T.T

Her Photobook Love Love at my Picasa album. Nice taken pics.

鈴木EMI SUZUKI – Love Love

If you want to own the Photobook, you can get it @ YesAsia


4 Responses to “Emi Suzuki”

  1. Guchi Says:

    Where did you get that info from??

    The 3 sites I looked at (her homepage, production page and Japanese wiki), all said she was born in Kyoto, and there’s no mention of China at all.

  2. Guchi Says:

    I would have to say those are most likely wrong, and were probably copied from site to site, because the Japanese sites all write:

    Born: Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City

    Official Profile

    Stardust Promotion

    Japanese wiki

  3. arielbar Says:

    thanks for the corrections

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