Sabra Magazine ISSUE#08

April 29, 2007

For cover model we have the well-endowed gravure idol
* Name: Kawamura Yukie (川村ゆきえ)
* Real name: Kawamura Yukie (川村雪恵 – different spelling)
* Birthdate: January 23, 1986 (Point of Time Age: 21)
* Birthplace: Hokkaido
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 158cm
* Bust: 90cm
* Waist: 60cm
* Hips: 87cm
* Hobbies: Sewing, being in her room, volleyball

[] Yukie Kawamura [20P+1P] (04.26.2007)

SABRA SUPER extra DVD (60):
Will upload them to YouTube soon. Check back.

Sayuri Otomo / 大友さゆり

Jun Natsukawa / 夏川純

Megumi Kagurazaka x Miri Hanai / 神楽坂恵×花井美理

Heh. Sabra 51

Mikie Hara / 原幹恵

Mayuko Kasei / 花清真由子
Mayuko Toyosato / 豊里真夕子
Miri Hanai x Asuka Ruike / 花井美理×類家明日香
Mari Kuri / 栗まり

Credits to Guchi.

Note: Finish uploading the Up to boys 1 clips.. Now sabra!


One Response to “Sabra Magazine ISSUE#08”

  1. Guchi Says:

    Your screenshots (well, my screenshots :p ) are screwy.

    Jun’s pic is Sayuri
    Sayuri’s pic is Mikie
    and Mikie’s pic is Jun.

    You got one of them right.

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