I’m sick..

May 2, 2007

I feel so much after I come to my own blog and saw 夏帆 Kaho’s cheerful smile. I find her resemble some Taiwan artiste (Li Jia Ying) 李佳颖. Sorry she don’t suit into my blog title but she’s another beauty too and I love her!
The similar type of cheerful smile, cure my sickness. heh.

姓 名 : 李佳颖
生 日 : 1983年02月14日 (Age: 24)
身 高 : 156cm
学 校 : 辅仁大学大众传播学系
经 历 : 我猜 、 笑颜美少女

Lovely Smile – Guess
She got her chance entering the Taiwan entertainment industry thru a popular Taiwanese variety show “Guess Guess Guess”.

She returned as a guest in the show

Note: Please inform me of more girls with this kind of ‘healing’ smile.


One Response to “I’m sick..”

  1. paulmn2007 Says:

    Wow, she is very cute. I really like the 2nd picture down on the right.

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