June 25, 2007

The 11-episodes series drama adapted from manga ends with a rather long episode, 2 hrs 25mins. A draggy episode with all the flashbacks and recaps but with quite a numbers of twists in the main story. Was a little disappointed because I was expecting a bigger surprise element. But everything was okay with Toda in it, was admiring her innocent look – She really fit in the character very well. Hope we will be seeing more of her works coming up. In the mean time, I need to find some other drama. If you know of any, please recommend me.


3 Responses to “LIAR GAME ENDS…”

  1. Highwind Says:

    If you like Liar Game you might want to check out Kurosaki.
    Similar kind of fun.
    Starring Yama-P, Hprokita Maki, and Yui Ichikawa

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