Ayumi lost hearing in left ear

January 6, 2008

Hamasaki Ayumi confessed to deafness in left ear
Yesterday, Japanese Queen Hamasaki Ayumi confessed that her left ear has completely lost all hearing function. However, she will not give up being a singer, and even said that she will only leave her career when her right ear also loses hearing. After hearing these brave words, a vast number of loyal fans has launched an online origami-folding campaign to bring blessings to their idol.

Celebrating her 10th year in the entertainment industry, ayu has decided to go on her second Asia Tour “Asia Tour 2008 ~10th Anniversary~”” in April. After her CountDown concert on New Year’s Eve at Yoyogi First Gymnasium, ayu posted a message on her TeamAyu website at 4.55am yesterday, saying that her ear has been having problems for the past few years, which resulted in sudden deafness. The problem existed until last year, when a trip to a ear specialist confirmed that she had lost all hearing in her left ear.

Will Not Give Up Career
Even though her left ear is beyond repair, ayu still seems strong. She promised her fans that she will not give up easily on her career. Ayu said that she will continue on using her right ear until the very end, using this to prove that she is a professional singer.

Actually, ayu’s hearing problems started about 7 years ago, until in 2000 summer, when a sudden loss of hearing caused her to cancel numerous concerts. Also during that year, while rehearsing her a concert, she accidentally fell from the top of a 1.5m platform, worsening her health. This has also caused ayu to have to use her hand to press on her earpiece during recent performances, affecting the quality of her singing.

Folding Paper Cranes to Bless Their Idol
Using her TeamAyu website, ayu announced her breakup with Tomoya Nagase last July, and news of her loss of hearing yesterday. Many fans immediately left messages on the site, cheering their idol on. Fans on the Japanese forum mixi also praised ayu for being a true professional, and even launched a paper crane folding campaign to bring blessings to ayu, wishing for her left ear to make a surprise recovery.

With regards to the Asia Tour this April, her record company has only released information on 19 stops in Japan so far. Overseas destinations have yet to be announced, and ayu’s hearing problems may cause some problems in future performances.


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