Japanese Girls Fiesta (JGF) sister site Asian Girls Fiesta (FiestASIA) will share pictures and videos of asian girls. Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea etc…

Nice girls are meant to be view. They post it, we share it! Nice pictures are meant for sharing! Let’s roll out.

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Dear Fiesta Viewers

August 24, 2009

Hopefully I will update this blog more frequently.

Now, if anyone wants to post too, please email via arielbar86@gmail.com

Looking back the old post.. It tracks back to March 2007, almost a year and half off where it started. I then started wondering what my viewers would want to see. I realised that I start getting busy with some stuffs around my life and the posts gotten a little too little to even satisfied myself. I seeking a more distinct purpose in keeping a healthy amount of posts. But in what way.. I truly need some guidance. or perhaps a gradual revamp. The question again – in what way.

So I’m seeking response/feed backs/helps/guidance/ whatever you called it from my beloved viewers. I believe the best way to make things worked is through some communication.

Thanks papersleuth for the regular updates. I would actually like to see more contributors for this blog too.

Please email to arielbar86@gmail.com

Some hong kong girl here to brighten the days..

B83 W57 H82

Hitomi Kaikawa 海川ひとみ ひとみにハッスル

Erina Matsui Review

February 16, 2008

I wrote a review for Erina Matsui’s release for Liverpool, ‘Omoide no Natsu’. I posted the review on cdjapan.co.jp – one of my places of choice to buy DVDs. My review is here. In the future I hope to do longer reviews with screen captures and post them here at Japanese Girls Fiesta.

49th Japan Record Award

January 1, 2008

The 10 winners of the Gold Award are:

The New Artist Award winners are:

  • °C-ute
  • Stephanie
  • Satomi Takasugi

Popular male duo Kobukuro won the Japan Record Award’s top prize on Sunday, with their hit song “Tsubomi.”

The winners of the 49th annual award were announced at the New National Theatre in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ku on Sunday.

The best singer award went to the all-male R&B group Exile, known for their hit song “Toki no Kakera,” while the best rookie award went to all-girl group C-ute, who are produced by Tsunku (producer of Morning Musume).

The award is sponsored by Japan Composer’s Association and other music-related entities.

Congratz to C-ute